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Patriots: The time has come to take a stand and make a statement…

"Beware of Patriot Karma"

Dear Brother and Sister PATRIOTs,

It is time to reclaim American Federalism, our values, our culture, our FREEDOMs, and the American WAY.

The COMMUNIST/GLOBALIST agenda is in plain sight. This form of GODLESS, divisive, destructive evil has been like a cancer ravaging every institutional structure in our country.

All these Areas are infected and under ATTACK

Schools / Education

Mainstream (propaganda) Media

Social (censorship) Media



The Military

Law Enforcement

Local District Attorneys/Courts

Some of Our Churches

Our Health Related Institutions

VIOLENTLY into our governing bodies (the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and unelected bureaucratic deep/dark state branches

We the People have had enough. 

It is time to fight back.

The bright light of TRUTH has been illuminating all of the insanity that we are witnessing. It has woken the sleeping GIANT.

The message to the people behind the AGENDA, and the sell-out, corrupt puppets promoting it, is that “YOUR TIME IS COMING to an END.

The American FIGHTING SPIRIT is alive, well, and ready to engage! The message to the Communists/Globalists enemies of AMERICA and FREE people around the world is that they need to understand our form of “GETTING WOKE”.

They need to back down and repent – PATRIOT KARMA is coming their way!

No FEAR. Take a stand. Promote the message. Buy and wear the shirts… Educate friends & family with TRUTH. AND whatever opportunities to fight the AGENDA that God puts in front of you – TAKE IT.

The truth is… this country was built on a foundation of God. This nation is the one place where we should be able to express our beliefs without fear of discrimination.

That truth is hard for some people to face. But you shouldn’t be ashamed of your beliefs. You should be celebrating them as loud as you can!

Note: Patriot Karma is not a call to violence. It is a call to unite the tens/hundreds of millions of men & women of all colors, races, and backgrounds to say “NO” and put an end to “their agenda”.

Revolutions to protect FREEDOM are fought in many ways. The Lord will show us what to do.



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