Patriot Street Fighter

The Entire Trump Presidency has been a Military Sting Operation

I STRONGLY recommend watching and sharing this with others.  The dots are connecting in front of our very eyes.  At some point we will all have an epiphany about what is happening in the US and worldwide.  Take a step back, try to be objective, open-minded, impartial, and stay alert.  Regardless of what anyone thinks, the TRUTH is coming out - and I believe it will be GOOD!

As a Christian, I do not know if this is Revelation End-Times or another part of the path.  I do believe this is a God vs. Satin major event, and I know who wins, and I know what side I am on (see scriptural references).  I will play the cards dealt to me and do my part.  Sharing this is part of doing my part!

This is a fantastic summary of the operation that has been going on since the JFK assassination. The good guys are winning but it’s time for everyone to wake up and do their own research.

We can teach you what we know but we CAN NOT understand it for you. It’s time to wake up and do your own research. In this video Scott McKay explains A to Z on how things got so messed up and where we are going.

Check him out Patriot Street Fighter on Rumble.

Biblical/Scriptural notes

To understand evil, one must understand God. (1) God himself is good (Psalm 11:7). (2) God created a good world that fell because of man's sin (Romans 5:12). (3) Someday God will recreate the world and it will be good again (Revelation 21:1). God is stronger than evil (Matthew 13:41-43; Revelation 19:11-21). (5) God allows evil and thus has control over it. God did not create evil, and he offers help to those who wish to overcome it (Matthew 11:28-30). (6) God uses everything - both good and veil - for his good purposes (Genesis 50:20; Romans 8:28).  The Bible shows us a God who hates all evil and will one day do away with it completely and forever (Revelation 20:10-15). God does not entice anyone to become evil. Those committed to evil, however, may be used by God to sin even more in order to hurry their deserved judgment (Exodus 11:10). We do not need to understand every detail of how God works in order to have perfect confidence in his absolute power over evil and his total goodness towards us.