I am the owner of Modern Spartan Systems www.modernspartansystems.com, which is an American Made, GREEN specialty chemical company with proprietary products for the firearms, fishing, automotive, manufacturing, and other industries.  I love America and am tied closely to a great number of like minded men and women across the country.  We see an evil attack on our freedoms, our families, our country, our world, our God, and our way of life.  I/we feel it is my/our duty to defend these things – the message and mission of Patriot Karma is one way to do this.

Mission & Vision

The concept of Patriot Karma came to me while pondering and praying about what to do to take the fight to the people that are behind and that are pushing this communist/socialist/globalist agenda.  The result was to send a message to them and let them know that “We the People”, the sleeping giant, are awake and will fight back.  We want them to know that there are and will be political, legal, social, and yes, if necessary, 2nd Amendment, Founding Fathers consequences to what they are trying to do.

Patriot Karma is using the patriotic tomahawk smashing the communist symbol graphic printed on to clothing, posters and other items empowering people to “make a statement” regarding the American spirit when it comes to protecting our freedoms and our families.  Our mission is to unite people around the message, educate people on where to go to seek truth, direct people on how to take lawful actions, and to warn the perpetrators that they no longer will get a free ride telling lies and stealing power.
The vision is that Patriot Karma will be a contributing force to motivate, educate, unite, and direct ALL God loving, Jesus loving Americans to stand up and take the actions needed to repatriate our country as it was intended by our Founding Fathers according to the US Constitution. The bottom line is that we want to see FREE PEOPLE thriving in a FREE LAND with FAIR rules applied JUSTLY to everyone.