Unfair Vaccination Mandates and Economic Pressures

No matter which state this type of thing happens in, we need to ALL CONFRONT it.  In IL, Gov. Pritzker announces COVID-19 sick leave initiative for vaccinated school staff.  What he is doing punishes teachers and staff that do not want to get the vaccines, and rewards teachers and staff that do.  It is unfair, immoral, and I believe illegal.  People like Pritzker need to understand the dangers they pose to others, while putting them in the terrible situation of choosing safety/freedoms vs. employment, will have personal consequences for him if/when the vaccines he forced on people cost them their jobs, their health, and/or life.  We suggest calling his office (no matter what state you live in) and sharing your feelings with him.  If you have legal action suggestions for individual or for class-action lawsuits against Pritzker, please let us know.  

News Article 

Gov. Pritzker announces COVID-19 sick leave initiative for vaccinated school staff

Below is my message sent to Pritzker

Stop trying to force vaccines on people.  The truth is coming out about the dangers.  You are either uneducated or pushing the communist/globalist agenda intentionally.  You will be held to account politically, civilly, and legally.  Do you know what is happening at GITMO for crimes against humanity?  Do you want to go there too?  Stop the nonsense with punishing unvaccinated teachers, staff and others, and rewarding those who do.  Stop pushing masks and social distancing and vaccines completely.  Stop listening to other corrupt individuals who are profiting and who have other devious agendas.  Stop the Covid hype and deceptions.  Protect our freedoms, our economy, out citizens and our children.  If you do not repent and stay on this path, be prepared for the wave of people that will rise up against you.  What do you think will happen if you force a vaccine and someone‚Äôs child dies or has a stroke... from it?  Really, how do YOU think people will react when you are the one pushing this, and causing destruction?  If you do not immediately change course, you will not like how this plays out for you.  For the record, this is my opinion, not a threat - these are natural and predictable consequences.

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