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Hello Fellow Patriots,

From the start many of us had doubts about the entire "pandemic" mess.

We saw people dying (being murdered in nursing homes), but the regular flu disappeared and the death rate was the same as always.

Lots of media hype, fear mongering, confusion and guilting.

What interesting timing, so much so that it impacted an election (how votes were gathered, sent in, dropped off, counted, changed with Dominion machines...).

Look where the virus came from - communist China (Wuhan), and just when Trump was pounding them with fair trade.

Look at the corrupt cabal puppet, false President and his totally blackmail-able connection with China.

Look at the massive economic damage to businesses, savings, supply chains..., damage done to the education and development of kids, damage to families, and the division between fearful people wanting masks and vaccine mandates vs. people who say "no" to it.

Follow the money and see which big pharma and other companies are raking in hundreds of billions of dollars, and the people who are behind them.

Look at the big pharma, big government links to the globalist elites that want to depopulate the planet.

Now look at the vaccines (not real vaccines) and the harm they are doing to people via blood clots, immune system issues, heart attacks...

Why do they want our kids to take shots?

Do you think that it could effect their reproduction abilities when they get older (high end whistle blowing doctors are telling us this absolutely could happen).

Step back and look at the misinformation, the suppressed information, and the giant psych-ops campaign being pushed by the government, mainstream media, big tech social media, and Hollywood - it is pretty clear to see.

Communists, socialists and globalists are Godless people with a bad hunger for wealth and power.

Unfortunately for them, the truly ALL-POWERFUL God (Jesus) is real, and he will not be mocked.

Many, like myself, believe that God is using certain people, including President Trump and certain people in our military, to fight back.

There are many things happening behind the scenes that will come to light in God's good timing.

In the end GOOD always wins over EVIL, and he/we will win here now.

Our job is to stand on the side of right, and seek and share the truth with people that will listen.

This includes the truth about the safety/dangers of the vaccines, who is behind them, what the real agenda is, and how we need to respond.

There is a tidal wave of truthful info that is and will come out, below is one important little part of it.

Watch and share the video linked at the top of the page.

Patriot Karma